EMCT Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does EMCT cost?

    EMCT is available in two different licensing versions. EMCT version 3.0 (the "standard" version) is sold under a permanent usage for $999. EMCT version 3.1 (the "temporary usage" version) is sold under a 90-day license for $599. Both versions feature the same content, the only difference is the duration of the license. Promotional discounts are periodically available.

  • Why would I purchase a 90-day license instead of a permanent usage license?

    While most customers purchase the standard version of EMCT as a permanent reference resource for design-related issues, some customers only want to use EMCT as one-time learning experience. For those customers that do not expect to use EMCT on an ongoing basis we offer the 90-day license option as a way to save money and still have access to the fantastic educational content found in EMCT.

  • What are the payment options for EMCT?

    EMCT purchases can be made by credit card on our website or we can invoice you for the purchase amount. However, if we invoice you we cannot ship the licensed product until payment is received.

  • Is there a way to receive a free trial version of EMCT before I decide to buy it?

    Yes - If you would like to dig into EMCT a bit further before you make a purchase we will be happy to provide you with a free 3-day evaluation copy of the full version of EMCT. With over 1600 screens in EMCT it is very difficult to fully review all of the content in 3 days or less, but this evaluation period will let you do some real exploring on your own. You will be required to register the free evaluation license and go through the authorization process before you will be able to use the software. If you are interested in this option please visit the EMCT Evaluation Version page.

  • If I purchase EMCT, and decide that I dont like it, can I return it?

    We will be happy to refund the full amount of any EMCT purchase for any reason within 3 days following the initial installation and authorization of the software on the customer's computer.

  • How do I install EMCT on my computer?

    The software can be installed on any Windows-based PC and it is quite easy to set up. You will receive a brief EMCT "Getting Started" document that will walk you through the entire installation and authorization process. Once the EMCT software is installed on your computer you will need to establish an Internet connection to authorize the product prior to usage.

    Please note, once your copy of EMCT is installed on one computer it cannot be installed on another computer without being removed from the first. If you would like to install it on more than one computer you will need to purchase more than one license. Volume discounts are available for multi-copy purchases and we will be happy to provide you with more details if you would like.

  • How does EMCT licensing work? If I bought one EMCT, could I move it between computers or is the license tied to a specific computer? If that is the case, do you have a network license (floating) option available?

    The EMCT licensing process ties the software to the computer that it is installed upon and it technically cannot be moved freely from one machine to another. However, once EMCT has been installed on one computer it can be moved to another, but only after it has been removed from the first. This requires direct assistance and authorization from an EMCT administrator. This is a somewhat time-consuming process and it is designed for people who want to permanently move the software to a new machine. It is not designed for the user to move the software from one machine to another on an ongoing basis.

    We do not have a server-based version of EMCT available at this time, but we can offer the relative equivalent through our multi-user licensing discounts that make EMCT available at an affordable price for groups of individuals that are interested in accessing EMCT from various different computers. We would be happy to discuss these options with you and provide a price quote for the specific number of users/machines that you would like to serve. Please contact info@emctutorial.com for more details.

  • Are there any special pricing plans or licensing options for educational institutions?

    A teacher may purchase a single-user license of the full version of EMCT and then use it as the basis for classroom lectures on various design-related topics. The teacher would only be able to load the software on one computer, but the screen images could be projected for the entire class to see during lecture sessions.
    Please contact us at info@emctutorial.com for pricing information.

  • Can this run on a mac?