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    Remember the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words?"
    The EMCT contains over 1,600 images including animations, photographs,
    and block diagrams. You will learn faster because you’ll remember the
    images you’ve seen – they will help cement the concepts in your mind.

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    Module 1

    The EMCT begins at the component level and moves you through a detailed
    development sequence, one layer of instruction at time, describing topics
    that include circuit board topology /partitioning & signal integrity. Then it
    expands to design architecture and approaches to system integration.

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    Module 2

    Electromagnetic Compatibility requires the consideration of multiple interactive
    factors in product development! The EMCT spans from circuit boards
    to their integration with packaging & mechanics. You’ll learn about the core
    concepts so will know how and when to apply proven design methods.

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    Module 3

    The EMCT provides a comprehensive approach to shielding, starting with
    Electromagnetic Field Theory. Details are provided in animated images
    to help visualize what the math means, then simplified into their practical
    applications by using tables & examples that engineers can quickly apply.

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    Module 4

    Although the EMCT provides extensive instruction for EMC design and
    development, it doesn’t stop there! It has an entire module devoted to techniques
    for troubleshooting - using visualizations to support the discovery and resolution
    of possible non-compliance issues that may arise during product testing.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Tutorial 3.0

We are proud to offer EMCT: The Electromagnetic Compatibility Tutorial, version 3.0. Our EMC training program has helped design numerous highly reliable, cutting-edge electronics, and create EMC-compliant designs. In addition to the completely new EMI Troubleshooting Module, EMCT offers an array of content in the form of training modules. Every Design and EMC Engineer should have a copy of EMCT version 3.0 installed on their computer at all times!

The new EMCT version 3.0 contains the following:

  • Introduction to EMCT. View details...
  • Module 1: Propagation from Devices, PC Boards and the Chassis. View details...
  • Module 2: Design and Integration of Multi-Card Products, Back-planes & Card Cages. View details...
  • Module 3: Shielding Methodologies and Applications. View details...
  • Module 4: Troubleshooting- Evaluation Techniques to Diagnose EMC Performance Issues. View details...

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High Speed Design Tutorial

Originally developed as a tool to assist designers achieve EMC compliance, EMCT is now being used by hundreds of users worldwide to design high speed, high frequency, and low noise systems. The depth of content and high-quality multimedia illustrations contained in EMCT have immediately established it as the premiere educational tool for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the real world engineering principles. Whether you are a novice looking to expand your knowledge in system design or a seasoned engineer looking for a comprehensive reference manual to assist you with any professional design challenges you might encounter, EMCT is the product for you!

A Modular Approach to High Speed Design Education

EMCT is a compilation of 4 learning modules, plus an introduction, that provide a complete course of study in the various concepts of electromagnetic compatibility. Since EMCT contains over 1600 screens packed with information and multimedia illustrations, the subject matter has been organized in this way to better facilitate the learning process and to make it easier for the user to find the specific information they need.

What are the experts saying?

EMCT has successfully passed the IEEE peer review process, so you know the product meets the highest professional standards. But if you need further proof, Dr. Howard Johnson, Ph.D., said in an EDN article "... let me tell you about a tutorial I saw this week that flipped my bits. EMCT is written by my favorite EMC guru, W. Michael King ... If you can't get King to personally train you, the next best thing is to check this out ... EMCT tutorial is a very high-quality offering." EMCT has also appeared in the pages of Compliance Engineering, Conformity Magazine, The EMC Society Newsletter, RF Design Magazine, Test & Measurement World and numerous other publications.

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